Focus On Technology Active Learning with NearPod 11/8/2018

Thursday November 8, 2018 at 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM Room C-559 10 seats available
Focus On Technology workshops cover a variety of topics and they are focused on solving faculty issues in the classrooms. How to use a specific technology from the technical point of view is not discussed on these conversations. However, after the discussions take place, faculty can make an appointment or stop by the C-556 and and speak more deeply with one of the specialist on how to implement certain technology to help them solve a particular issue.

- 24/7 Course Accessible
In this open-discussion workshop we will look at the online tools available to use in a strategy that encourages student online participation outside the scheduled course hours and leads to an online teaching/learning collaborative community that students can ”dwell” in. Included in the discussion will be “content beyond the coursework”, such as use of periodic surveys and feedback discussion forums. All online tools will be open to discussion, including blogs, wikis, Blackboard Collaborate and ePortfolios.

- Don’t be shy, be bright – Increasing Students’ Participation
This workshop discusses the issues of students’ participation in the classroom and look for ways to improve their engagement. Different tools are presented and discussed that could enhance and include all type of students to be more engaged.

- Everyone Get’s an A! Utilizing assessment Tools Towards Student Retention
This is an open-discussion workshop where we will explore online strategies that encourage student engagement and motivation through greater access to lecture content, collaborative projects, open-ended practices, and improved communication. Among Blackboard tools covered will be Assignments, SafeAssignments, Tests, Discussions, Blogs and Wikis. This workshop covers material suitable for both classroom and online courses. All questions about Blackboard are welcome and encouraged.

- Universal Design – What is it?
This workshop is designed to help instructors understand the multiple learning styles of students today. The workshop looks at how to leverage various technology tools to help address multiple learning styles.

- Guide on the Side vs. Sage on the Stage: Designing an experience through project based learning
This workshop looks at changing role of an instructor teaching content, and shifting the role towards oversight and guidance as students facilitate a tangential learning experience through project based experiences.

- Disaster Planning. It is hurricane season. Post your syllabus on blackboard
In the event of a natural disaster where classes are interrupted and physical classrooms are not accessible, keeping the communication with students about classroom is imperative. Having a plan for these types of situations can save you as faculty members a lot of rush- work and you would be prepared for any adversity that may avert class time.

- How You Learn isn’t How I Learn: Cool Tool Customization for Different Learners
This workshop will highlight, and examine various “cool tools,” and how there are countless solutions available that can help both compliment and supplement traditional instruction.

This workshop has only one session.