Express PD 20 minutes Week VI: How Do I Create Ideal Assessments for Modern Learners? 3/19/2019

Tuesday March 19, 2019 at 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Room online 14 seats available

The Center for Teaching and Learning is pleased to announce the launching of Express PD, a series of ten 20-minute videos from Magna Commons, which brings you top content from the Annual Teaching Professor Conference. The goal of the Express PD Series is to reinvigorate your teaching through insights from these quick-hitting 20-minute videos, which offer solutions to common classroom challenges.

Student Attention and Retention 3 Pack - Enhance your students’ concentration and accountability

Capturing and holding students’ attention is an eternal problem for educators, particularly today. It’s true that students have more distractions and demands on their time, but that’s only part of the explanation. Another more critical reason is the way modern learners see their role in the classroom.
Many students rely solely on the instructor to help them achieve their education outcomes. They assume less responsibility for learning and mastering the course material on their own. They act as passive receivers of information instead of active learners who engage avidly with the instructor, the material, and other students.

Rethinking how educators should teach the course material to motivate students, finding new ways to evaluate how and what students absorb, and helping them reach worthwhile educational goals lie behind this three-part program.

A new video will be released every Tuesday morning for the next 3 weeks.


Upon completion of these programs, you’ll be able to:

• Speak knowledgably about the latest thinking behind attention, engagement, learning, and memory processing
• Recognize the effective use of visuals and PowerPoint slides
• Review ways for imparting lecture content for heightened understanding and retention
• Identify the behaviors of responsible learning and what drives individual student accomplishment
• Make informed judgments about the research behind student responsibility
• Take concrete action steps to promote student self-reliance
• Analyze assessments that modern learners prefer
• See what resonates with students in the assessment process
• Obtain 10 assessment practices that bolster student achievement

Week VI: How Do I Create Ideal Assessments for Modern Learners? Presents 10 strategies that can be applied easily in any course to get students more involved in learning and take the course work more seriously.

In this 20 minutes session, You'll discover the little-known triggers for driving students to excel at a higher degree of competence. You'll see how tying the course work to their lives and future plans can be a potent learning strategy.

You will receive the PD Participation Badge after you complete and provide feedback. This will enter you into the EdTech Innovation Chase, which is a game-based digital badging system to provide badges for participating in professional development activities, mentoring, and innovating. To learn more, please visit the EdTech Innovation Chase website.



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