Active Learning & Student engagement Strategies to Boost student participation 9/13/2021

Monday September 13, 2021 at 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Room Zoom Session 14 seats available
This workshop will focus on the development of exercises, activities, and procedures to improve student engagement and activity in courses offered online.

The backbone of this workshop is to enter the world of active learning. Participants learn about the poll and survey features in Blackboard as strategies to keep students engaged during and/or after the class is over. Polls and surveys help students stay in full contact with the content being taught. Whether you are teaching synchronously or asynchronously, these online tools keep students connected with their learning objectives at any given time. Motivate students to become responsible and produce content based on their learning. Give them recognition for creating content, apply game-based strategies Animoto, blog posts, videos, Pptx, infographics, etc.

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You will receive the PD Participation Badge after you complete and provide feedback. This will enter you into the EdTech Innovation Chase, which is a game-based digital badging system to provide badges for participating in professional development activities, mentoring, and innovating. To learn more, please visit the EdTech Innovation Chase website.



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