Hands on Technology RBM : Speed up Your Essay Grading 2/9/2022

Wednesday February 9, 2022 at 6:00 PM - 6:45 PM Room C-559 15 seats available

This workshop aims to provide faculty with a review of rubrics and Microsoft Word Read Aloud tools. These combined with Text Blaze seek to reduce the number of minutes they spend grading essays and give their tired eyes a bit of a break. Through rubrics, faculty can quickly give students feedback based on their performance. The MS Word Read Aloud tool allows them to listen to the essay submitted by the student as faculty read at a faster speed. Faculty can also dictate their feedback onto a MS Word document and copy and paste it onto Blackboard. Finally, faculty can utilize Text Blaze to fabricate responses that are common on a feedback and modify/personalize the message according to the individual student.

You will receive the PD Participation Badge after you complete and provide feedback. This will enter you into the EdTech Innovation Chase, which is a game-based digital badging system to provide badges for participating in professional development activities, mentoring, and innovating. To learn more, please visit the EdTech Innovation Chase website.



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