Reward Points

Welcome to Hostos Student Reward Points Program

Earn Points through Your Extracurricular Activities at Hostos

Reward Points

Reward Points

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May 14th2015
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Reward Points

What is the Point?

Your Success

Reward Points

The More Points, The More Chances To Win!

How To Earn Points

The HSRPP awards points for the instructors you rate, the courses you evaluate, the feedback you provide, and the workshops you take.

Attend a qualifying Workshop and complete the exit survey—the first time you do it, we’ll automatically open an account for you.

Keep checking the list below for more ways to earn points!

You get one sweepstakes entry every 1000 points.

You can check your points balance any time by logging into your account.

The prize drawing will be held at the end of the Spring semester, and winners will be notified by email, and announcements posted on the Reward Points website.

The rules are simple:

  • The program is open to enrolled, matriculated HCC students;
  • Multiple entries are allowed… encouraged;

For all the rules for the Sweepstakes, go to the Sweepstakes Rules page.

Start Earning Points

Click on any link from the list below to register for a workshop or complete a survey and start earning points: