Reward Points

Welcome to Hostos Student Reward Points Program

Earn Points through Your Extracurricular Activities at Hostos

Reward Points

Reward Points

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Reward Points

What is the Point?

Your Success

Reward Points

The More Points, The More Chances To Win!

Do I have to register for this program or create an account ?

Nope. The first time you complete one of the point activities which require you to log in with your Hostos Email Username and Password and click on the submit button, the system automatically opens an account in your name. You can check on your points anytime by going to the Hostos Reward Points page @ and logging in using your Hostos User ID and password.

How do I access it?

The Reward Points Program is accessible from the Hostos Home page. Just click on the link and log in using your Hostos USER ID and Password and follow the directions on the screen.

What if I don’t know my Hostos User ID and password! How can I get in?

No problem. Just see a Tech Tutor. They will help you find your ID and password. Your unique Hostos ID is the first part of your Hostos email address. You can also find your Hostos email address/ID and password by clicking here and following the directions.

How do I know if my account gets credited with the points when I complete one of these activities?

Just log on to your account and see for yourself. There will be a list of your activities and the points you have earned.

What kind of prizes are there?

Every year prizes get more attractive, Last Spring we gave out:

  • 40" LCD TV -- Grand Prize (1 winner)
  • Netbooks (15 winners)
  • I-Pod Touch (10 winners)
  • $50 Metro Cards (15 winners)
  • $50 Stop & Shop Gift Card (9 winners)

Where do I go for help?

Try the Library, HALC, and the Academic Computing Center. ILC Tutors will help you login to your account, check your balances, and access both the GenEd Mapping Tool and the Online Faculty Feedback forms.

What is the GenEd Mapping Tool?

This new tool has been designed to assist faculty and students to identify the General Education Competencies that are being developed in each of the courses that are being taught. These competencies, or learning goals, represent our promise and commitment to YOU. We want to make sure that we provide you with the skills you need to achieve success inside and outside the classroom and beyond Hostos. When you enter the GenEd Mapping tool you will see a list of all of the courses you are taking. Just fill out an online interactive form for each course you are taking and simply identity skills you think you are learning in each of your classes. There is no right or wrong answer. It is meant to inform and enlighten you as to what GenEd competencies actually are and help you understand why they are so useful. Check out our Student Guide to General Education. Have fun and earn points at the same time!

How do I complete my online faculty feedback evaluation forms?

Okay, this is easy—(and you earn 125 points for each class!) These are simply the online versions of those faculty evaluation forms you used to fill out in class at the end of each semester to evaluate your professors. There is a direct link on the college’s home page, so just go there as it is at the bottom of the page.

You will need your Hostos USER ID and Password to enter the system, so make sure you know it so you can log in and see the list of classes you are taking. You can also find your Hostos email address/ID and password by clicking here and following the directions. From there you are home free—just follow the directions and start earning your way to a new laptop, an I-pod Touch, or a digital camera…!