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Reward Points

Reward Points

Next Grand Sweepstakes:
May 14th2015
3:30 pm @ the GYM

Reward Points

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Reward Points

The More Points, The More Chances To Win!

Sweepstakes Rules - 2014-20151

This year we have four categories of prizes:
  • Regular Sweepstakes Prizes – every student who has at least one unused Sweepstakes Entry2 is eligible to participate in these prize drawings.
  • Top Earners Prizes – given to the 3 students who earned the most points first (point ties are allowed, and the date the point total was achieved is used to break them).
  • "Must be present to win" Prizes – students must be present in the Sweepstakes event, and have at least one unused Sweepstakes entry.
  • Grand Prize – students must be present in the Sweepstakes event, and have at least one unused sweepstakes entry.

1Sweeptakes Rules: Rules might change in future academic years. Visit the Reward Points website to learn about any changes to the rules.

2Sweepstakes Entry: one entry is worth 1000 points and automatically redeemed after 1000 points are earned. Point balance and number of earned Sweepstakes entries can be checked by clicking on Account History.

The following rules apply:

  • Students with Sweepstakes entries must opt-in to the Sweepstakes March 18th - May 15th. Otherwise, all Sweepstakes entries earned for the Academic year will be forfeited. Stay tuned for opt-in instructions;
  • Winning a prize means the Sweepstakes entry has been used and cannot be reused in any subsequent prize drawing;
  • If the student has multiple entries, remaining unused entries can be used towards future drawings of different prizes;
  • Student cannot win the exact same prize more than once;
  • Unused Sweepstakes entries cannot be transferred between academic years (e.g. an academic year goes from Fall 2014 to Spring 2015 );
  • HCC Students who earned points/Sweepstakes entries in the Fall and who neither graduated nor re-enrolled in the Spring semester forfeit all points and Sweepstakes entries earned in the Fall;
  • In order to be allowed to attend the Sweepstakes event, students must show their new student ID card;
  • To claim a prize, students must present their ID on the day of the drawing, and a Sweepstakes official will verify your login;
  • If a student is not present during the drawing, and has won a prize (this rule does not apply to the Grand prize, and "must be present to win" prizes), student must check his/her Hostos email to see if he/she has won; this applies to those who graduated January 2015 as well;
  • Prizes unclaimed by the announced deadline will be forfeited;
  • Unredeemed points become void after the Sweepstakes Drawing (held once per academic year) is completed.

Students are encouraged to get as many points (entries) as possible to maximize their prize-earning potential.

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