Online Learning Training Programs Fall 2022 Online Learning Initiative

  • You will receive the PD Participation Badge after you complete and provide feedback. This will enter you into the EdTech Innovation Chase, which is a game - based digital badging system to provide badges for participating in professional development activities, mentoring, and innovating.To learn more, please visit the EdTech Innovation Chase website.

  • Session 1

    Online Learning Initiative

    Course Design and Delivery

    September 19th to October 7th

    This September, the Office of Educational Technology is offering a primary Online Learning Initiative training that touches on:

    • Defining Expectations
    • Resources and Support
    • Course Design and Environment
    • Interaction and Engagement
    • Assessment and Feedback
    • well as the best practices in online course delivery 

    The Fall 2022 OLI - Online Learning Initiative training is available for faculty who wish to delve into online teaching for the first time or as a refresher.

    Course Development and Faculty Training=     20 hour commitment

    Faculty Training only=                                       10 hour commitment

            3-Week Course:                                     September 19th-October 7th

            Follow-up Week (to tie up loose ends): October 10th-October 14th


    Registering on the workshop calendar only indicates your interest in enrolling in the Blackboard Course. You must submit an email from the chair of your department and/or your unit coordinator indicating their support of your enrollment to Also, please email any questions you may have before this program begins. If you are enrolled in this course, you will receive an email confirmation with further instructions.


    The OLI (Online Learning Initiative) in both forms do not have a synchronous requirement.  

    10 hour refresher: Active use of the discussion board combined with attending office hours or making appointments for consultation are available.

    20 hour Instructor and Course Certification: Active use of the discussion board, attendance of office hours are recommended. Appointments for consultation are highly recommended.

    Sep 19, 2022 12:10 PM - Oct 14, 2022 12:10 PM Room Online Available

    Instructor: ERITHOLZ

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